Karaite Cemetery (Crimea)

Hidden in wooded Iosofatova Valley near the old Tartar capital of Bakhchysaray, the Karaite Cemetery is as spooky as they come. Beneath slender Oak trees, thousands of broken tombstones lie at mournful angles, covered in a near-indecipherable Hebrew script. The ground is uneven, the graves shrouded in moss and lichen and – on a quiet day – a disquieting silence seems to settle over everything, giving the place an other-worldly atmosphere. For the best part of a millennium, the Karaites brought their dead here; to a sacred grove known as ‘Balta Tuymez’, a place that still seems to tingle with magic. Standing there in the shadow of the plateau as the sun goes down, it’d take a brave visitor not to feel just the faintest shiver.




The Royal Seat of San Lorenzo de El Escorial is a historical residence of the King of Spain in the town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. It is one of the Royal Sites and functions as a monastery, royal palace, museum, and school. Felipe II and the architect Juan Bautista de Toledo designed the monument based on the descriptions of Solomon’s Temple. 

Photos: outside view of El Escorial, the monastery’s dinning hall, the hall of battles, the library, underneath the monastery [x



Margriet Smulders  - Siren Ink -Siren Milk 2010

Dutch photographer Margriet Smulders accomplished that feat in Botanicals Mirabilis, an abbreviated survey of larger-than- life floral photography at Hagedorn Gallery in Atlanta’s Buckhead district. Smulders’ show comprised nine images made over the last decade that explored ebullient color, explosive composition, and an animating eroticism that throbbed just below the surface.